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Treatment Room


When you are initially called back into the hospital area for your appointment, you are directed to the Patient Exam Room.  Some exams and minor treatments can be accomplished in this area however, the Treatment Room is where the vast majority of the treatments and examinations are done.  So, it is safe to safe, the Treatment Room is the main hub of activity at Cooper Vet and literally the center of the hospital. 

The treatment room was renovated a few years ago to keep up with the growing need for space and treatment area.  The treatment room can accomodate three patients at a time and is designed to handle two emergency cases at a time. The surgical suites are also available in the very unlikely event a third emergency comes in.  The Treatment Room is stocked with just about everything needed to care for your pet which helps minimize the time your pet is away from you. 

An ICU area is positioned just off of the treatment room so any seriously ill patients can be continuously monitored.

Due to the high volume of traffic and fast-paced environment, we ask that customers remain in the Patient Exam Rooms when your pet is brought to the Treatment Room.  This also reduces the stress and strain on your pet when they cannot see you.