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Bringing your pet in for a surgery or to be hospitalized? This is the form you need to fill out! Some important things to consider when filling this form out include:

- The Pre-anesthetic Panel is recommended for ALL pets that will be going under any sedation. It allows us to make sure his/her body is ready for the procedure. This blood work is discounted before a procedure, so it is a perfect opportunity to get a good look at their levels.

- If you would like to get your pet micro chipped, there is an option for that on this form. This can help identify your pet if for some reason they end up missing. Vet clinics and shelters all over have the ability to scan for a chip and read each unique number to match your pet to you.

- Post-operative pain medication is important for the first few days after your pet has a procedure. We highly recommend circling accept under this option on the form.

Hospitalization/Surgery/Anesthesia Consent Form